Network Printing Management With Dedicated Print Appliances

Why utilize dedicated print spool appliances?

Offloading print services from the general purpose server onto specialized print appliances enhances the availability of network printing services. Appliances concentrate on one single task. That is why they are more stable than complex server architectures.

Leave the job to SEH ISD Intelligent Spooling Devices!

Outsource your complete network spooling, printing services, and print queue management to our highly specialized dedicated ISD print spool appliances. Stop worrying – start printing!

ISD Intelligent Spooling Devices

  • reduce administrative and maintenance requirements
  • shorten maintenance windows
  • minimize down times
  • provide optimal availability of the network printing services – even in case of system failure, a print appliance will allow these services to be operational again within minutes!
  • many cost-efficient solutions and fields of operation

Two ISD Product Lines

Our two ISD product lines enable scalable network printing management solutions from small workgroups to large corporations and organizations!

ISD300 Intelligent Spooling Device


ISD300 – the perfect solution for work groups, branch offices, subsidiaries etc., IPv6-enabled, compatible with all Ethernet standards, including Gigabit.

ISD400 Intelligent Spooling Device

ISD400 – full-blown enterprise solutions for up to 450 users and 150 printers, IPv6-enabled, compatible with all Ethernet standards, including Gigabit.